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Sincerity from a company  by
three generations of women

We sincerely thank you for visiting Shinjinsusan Corporation’s website.
Since its establishment in 1999, it has represented sincere taste and has grown steadily. Currently, it has been engaged in the production of laver for three generations of women: a grandmother, mother and granddaughter, and will continue to pursue growth in the future. With the thought of feeding our own family only the very best, we have been analyzing and researching customers' tastes while pursuing the highest standards in hygienic, and we have been able to continue growing based on this driving force.

As a company that produces seasoned gim, a Korean traditional food, in the age of the Korean food wave and Soul Food, laver evokes nostalgic memories of childhood. Our company has been providing the best products to customers with the highest quality original ingredients and three-generation-old recipes and special manufacturing methods for the past 20 years.
Rather than making a lot, we have worked to become a global laver-specialty food company that exports its products across the globe with products that maintain the taste of our raw ingredients. We will remain a company that produces only safe and healthy food for our customers from the Land of the Morning Calm - Korea - by embracing Korean traditions and honoring our roots. We ask for your support and interest.